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The views expressed in the articles and training information viewed on the T.D.I.A.I. Website do not necessarily represent the views of the Texas Division I.A.I., or the agency employing the article's author(s) or sponsoring the training. The Texas Division I.A.I. neither guarantees, warrants, nor endorses the views or techniques presented unless otherwise noted, but offers the information to the viewer.

Submitted articles and/or training may contain processes utilizing chemicals or combinations of chemicals which may be hazardous or potentially hazardous to the user's health. It is strongly recommended that appropriate precautions be exercised when using hazardous or potentially hazardous chemicals or combinations of chemicals where the hazards are not fully known. The Texas Division I.A.I. assumes no responsibility for the use of chemicals or combinations of chemicals as set forth in any article or training session.

The Texas Division of the I.A.I. Website makes every effort to insure accuracy of all information contained on these pages.  However, it is the viewers responsibility to confirm with the author or sponsoring agency's representative the accuracy and validity of any information contained on the Website's pages.

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